Look after yourself during lockdown

Find out how to avoid deconditioning during lockdown - and beyond!

'We Can Move'

25 Mar 2021

Practicing exercises to avoid deconditioning during lockdown

Looking after yourself during covid – for now and into the future

As lockdown continues, it is having a deconditioning effect on people. We may be sitting down far more and for longer periods of time, or not going outside and exercising. This means we may be losing the necessary strength in our muscles and bones and losing the stamina to go about everyday activities.


Take a look at the PDF to discover 6 useful and easy exercises that you can do to avoid lockdown getting your fitness levels down. 


If you'd like to know more or are looking for advice on these exercises, get in touch today and ask for Sarah. 

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'We Can Move'
25 Mar 2021

'We can move' is a movement to get you, me and everyone in Gloucestershire active.