Why are healthcare staff so important?

The fact is that healthcare professionals are trusted. Collectively, they speak to millions of people every week. If we were advised to be more active by a GP or nurse, a quarter of us say we would be. Whether you’re a chiropodist, a receptionist, a surgeon, or practice manager, every conversation is a chance to make a change.


The Active Practice Charter helps you get patients and staff moving.


Moving Medicine can help you discuss activity with patients.


Join the healthcare professional’s network. 

How to get involved

Find out what is already happening.  You can also get in touch and share your ideas, groups and campaigns.

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We can move event 2024

Feel inspired and enabled to take action in reducing physical activity inequalities and be connected to others.

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Celebrating Changemakers: Community Photography Project

We are excited to announce the launch of a community photography project aimed at celebrating and recognising local changemakers who are making a posi

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Become a Changemaker

Organisations, community groups, sports clubs, activity providers and more, coming together to help get people in Gloucestershire active.

By becoming a we can move changemaker, you can access resources and training to help you help others.

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Get Out Get Active

Creating genuinely inclusive environments where people can be active together.

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Exercise & physical activity delivery for those with health conditions

Providing physical activity and exercise instruction for people with long-term health conditions

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Healthcare professionals

Help your patients and colleagues be more active, healthier and happier.

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We are undefeatable

Whatever your long-term health condition, find something that works for you.

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Strength and balance exercises you can do at home (and at your coffee morning group!).


Stay up to date with the latest news.


Get connected to the movement.


Join healthcare professionals network and get people active.

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