About our networks

Making connections is important to helping yourself and others grow. Whether it’s sharing an idea, talking about an exciting initiative or working together on a new project, being part of a network can help you build your organisation.


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Help more people

No matter how small, sharing ideas, thoughts and advice can help people develop and thrive.  

Make progress

Help your group or organisation flourish by sharing and collaborating with others.

Build a movement

Be part of the change to transform the way people think about physical activity.

We have a range of networks

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Active ageing forum

Meet like-minded people supporting adults to be active for life.

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Active youth network

Bringing people and organisations together to support young people to be active.

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GAIN network

Help develop sport and physical activity opportunities for disabled people in Gloucestershire.

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Glos Girls Can network

Supporting women and girls in Gloucestershire to be active their way.

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Healthcare professionals network

Explore ways to support your patients to be more active.

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Gloucestershire’s Active Businesses Network

Bringing employers together to support more people to be physically active on their commute to work.

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