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Join we can move and our approach to being physically active.


We’re people, influencers and leaders across our communities. Collectively, working together to take action and encourage more people to lead more active and healthier lives.


We believe we're stronger together and that everyone has something to offer. What part will you play?


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Meet the change makers

Inspiring stories of people making real changes to physical activity from all over Gloucestershire.

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Flo's story

Championing movement for young people during Coronavirus.

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Tim's story

Supporting schools to be active during lockdown.

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Goals Beyond Grass

Supporting accessible activity at home.

Join in

Get involved in creating spaces and opportunities for everyone to get active.

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Support women to get more physical activity into their lives.

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Older adults

Support older adults to move more for a fitter life.

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Disabled people

Create inclusive physical activity spaces.

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Healthcare professionals

Help your patients and colleagues be more active.

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Help your school to be more active, achieve more and be happier.

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Where you live

Help your family, friends or neighbours to get moving.

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Make Gloucestershire a more naturally active place.

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Make your workplace a healthier and happier place to be.

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Young people

Support young people to be active, feel comfortable and connect.

Work together

Connect with like-minded people, organisations and community volunteers to share ideas and best practice. We have networks and forums to share your ideas on how to build in physical activity for older adults and to hear from others doing the same. Join this community of like-minded people. 

How to get involved

Find out what is already happening. You can also get in touch and share your ideas, groups and campaigns.

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Exercise & physical activity delivery for those with health conditions

Providing physical activity and exercise instruction for people with long-term health conditions

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Healthcare professionals

Help your patients and colleagues be more active, healthier and happier.

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Fundraising consultancy

Got a great idea for getting people in your community more active but need some support to make it happen?

Find out how we can help you bring your project to life.

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Move Connect Inspire

A new approach being taken to tackle the inequalities facing disabled children and young people within Gloucestershire’s sport and physical activity.

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Join the movement

Discover simple ways to build activity into your every day.

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We are undefeatable

Whatever your long-term health condition, find something that works for you.

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Opening your school facilities

We can support your school by exploring the opportunities available and helping you with the practical steps to making them a reality.

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The Daily Mile

A way for children to be fit for life and fit for learning during the school day.

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Gloucestershire School Games

Providing young people with opportunities to take part in competitive sport across the county.

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Get Out Get Active – Forest of Dean

Creating genuinely inclusive environments where people can be active together.

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Active for life ambassadors

Supporting older volunteers who inspire others to be active.

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Strength and balance exercises you can do at home (and at your coffee morning group!).

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Let's Play

Equipment loan to help older adults and disabled people enjoy fun, friendly and social activity in the community.

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Glos Girls Can

Whether you’re walking to work or jogging with your pram, it’s time to celebrate how women and girls are fitting more exercise into their lives.

Get Funding

Have an idea but don’t know where to start? We’ll help you develop it to find the funding you need to make it happen.

Get your idea off the ground

Have the funding but need help making it happen? We’ll connect you to experts who can turn your idea into reality.

Do you know an organisation that could join ‘we can move’?

All over Gloucestershire there are local groups, charities and businesses who could help get people moving. Start a conversation about we can move.

Resources, blogs and insight

Stories, information and support to get Gloucestershire moving.

Take action:

Get Active

Get more movement into your life.

Get Involved

Join a group, start a group, stand up, speak out.

Get Support

Run with your idea. Get support and funding.

Get in touch

Are you looking for support or still have a question?

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