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Are you a healthcare professional or care worker in Gloucestershire?

We’re opening the conversation with disabled people about how they can access and enjoy a more active lifestyle.

Involve enables people working in health and social care to approach physical activity conversation with disabled people, by exploring what is most important to the individual.

Developed by working with a range of organisations and people with lived experience of physical or learning disability, Involve aims to understand what truly gets in the way of them leading active and healthy lives.

We have developed useful information resources that can help guide conversation, understand what part physical activity can play in helping people achieve what they want to from life, and support you as a professional to feel confident in approaching physical activity.

Let us know whether you work in health or social care and you’ll have access to the most appropriate resource for you…

We know that time is precious, and there can be lots of competing priorities in the busy world of health and social care, so the resources can be used in whatever way works best for you.

You can…

  • - read in your own time
  • - refer back for top tips
  • - use in conversation
  • - discuss it with colleagues

How else to get involved?