Why The Daily Mile?

The Daily Mile is simple and free, and it’s a chance to make physical activity part of every child’s day. It gets children out of the classroom for fifteen minutes and into fresh air with  friends.  Children are happier, more awake and calmer after doing The Daily Mile.

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10 steps to success

There are 10 core principles that determine the successful adoption of the Daily Mile in a school. These include it being quick, fun, fully inclusive, wearing ‘classroom’ clothing and allowing children to run at their own pace. More useful guidance can be found on the Daily Mile Foundation website.

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Daily Mile Destinations

Travel the Great Wall of China, soak up the spray at Niagara Falls and visit Chile’s Easter Island. Whatever your journey looks like this year, let The Daily Mile Destinations help you along the way, keeping your pupils, fit, focused and flourishing – the journey is in your hands.

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Desk to Daily Mile

Take your pupils from sitting at their desks to running a mile in four weeks. To get involved, follow the weekly Desk to Daily Mile plan to gradually build pupils’ stamina and confidence.

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County recognition scheme

This scheme recognises these schools and gives them the recognition for their work and further support should they need it. Schools that follow the 10 core principles can take part in this scheme and receive an 'our school does The Daily Mile' fence banner. How does The Daily Mile work in your school? Can we support you to further develop it? Complete the questionnaire to take part.


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Bibury School

Churchyard Challenge.

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Gloucester Griffins

Mixed ability rugby.

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Callum's story

Moving towards a better school life.


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