Connecting older adults and those with long term health conditions to be active together.

Get out Get Active (GOGA) is a national programme being delivered at a local level in Gloucestershire. There are stark differences in activity levels between those with disabilities and long-term conditions and non-disabled people. GOGA aims to break these barriers down and to engage older people and those with dementia to be active together.

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Being active can help

Being active is important to everyone. Physical activity reduces the risk of multiple health conditions, improves energy and keeps communities connected. GOGA encourages people to be active together and will see the growth of physical activity in community groups, campaigns to motivate people to be active and dementia-friendly leisure activities.

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Staying connected

GOGA provides a range of activity sessions for older people to take part in. Staying connected and keeping moving are even more important in the winter, so give one of our sessions a go. We have gentle games, inclusive cycling, walking football, walking rugby and yoga. See the What’s on Guide for the latest timetable or contact Sarah.

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Goals Beyond Grass

Supporting accessible activity at home.

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Gloucester Griffins

Mixed ability rugby.

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Inclusive rugby

Bringing young people together.


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We can move event 2024

Thu, 09 May 2024   09:30AM -- 04:30PM

Kingsholm stadium, Kingsholm Road, Gloucester, GL1 3AX


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Strength and balance exercises you can do at home (and at your coffee morning group!).

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We are undefeatable

Whatever your long-term health condition, find something that works for you.

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