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Hi there and a warm welcome to we can move! 


If you’re new here, or even if you have been working with us for some time, let’s remind you of what we are doing to make Gloucestershire a healthy and happy county.


We are a movement of people, which really just means that we are a collection of committed individuals, organisations and communities who want to work together to create a happier, healthier and more inclusive county, one in which being active and moving more is easy, enjoyable and a part of our daily lives, regardless of our circumstance. 


Just by being here with us on this journey, you have become a we can move Changemaker. You’re a fundamental piece of the puzzle and together we can achieve so much.

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Systems working

All parts make a difference – we make change together by understanding how others work, supporting positive decision making, creating shared and collective goals and building relationships based on genuine trust.

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Collective action

All people make a difference – this is a big one for us- the power of the movement lies not in individual effort but in collective action. Our aim is work together to inspire action across communities.

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Behaviour change

Everything we do makes a difference – when needed, we bring evidence led approaches into the county, to support people to make positive changes and we will always do this in a strengths-based way.

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Learning and adapting

Everything we discover makes a difference – we learn as we go and ensure we build easy to understand evaluation approaches into our work. We’re also brave and not afraid to get things wrong sometimes, because that’s the reality isn’t it? We’re not always going to get things right first time. Instead of being fearful of getting it wrong, we learn from our challenges and failures, adapt our work and share our lessons with others.

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Useful resources

As a we can move Changemaker, you have access to useful resources, training opportunities and events that can help you to help others get active. 

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Celebrating Changemakers: Community Photography Project

We are excited to announce the launch of a community photography project aimed at celebrating and recognising local changemakers who are making a posi