Enjoy the sunny days in active ways this summer

Active Gloucestershire launches "Sunny Days, Active Ways" campaign to promote physical activity this summer

Tom Handley

01 Jul 2024

Campaign title with activity equipment

Active Gloucestershire launches "Sunny Days, Active Ways" campaign to promote physical activity this summer.

Active Gloucestershire is thrilled to announce the launch of our summer campaign, "Sunny Days, Active Ways." This exciting initiative aims to encourage the community to embrace an active lifestyle, raise awareness about the importance of physical activity, and provide valuable resources to help everyone get moving.

To maintain and improve good health, physical activity is vital to improve cardiovascular health, strengthen muscles, enhance flexibility, in addition to boosting mental well-being. The "Sunny Days, Active Ways" campaign seeks to raise awareness of the active activities that are occurring within Gloucestershire this summer, engaging the Gloucestershire community by promoting regular physical activity as well as using the spark of the Olympics to ignite further participation.


How to Get Involved:

Participate with Us: Stay up to date with all the latest active activities being released throughout the week across our social media channels, from midweek and weekend activities to try out in Gloucestershire, interactive summer quizzes and polls to fitness challenges, there’s something for everyone this summer.


Join the Conversation: Follow Active Gloucestershire on social media and use the hashtag #SunnyDaysActiveWays to share your progress, tips, and success stories. Connect with others who are also embracing a more active lifestyle this summer.


Explore Our Resources: Visit our website to access a wide range of resources, including podcasts, health articles and local activity guides. Check out the event schedule on our website too which includes advice clinics, active inclusion networks, and events on how to get your staff more active.


Let’s make this summer the start of a healthier, more active lifestyle for everyone in our community. Embrace the sunny days and find your active ways with Active Gloucestershire!

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Tom Handley
01 Jul 2024

Digital Communications Officer