Stay well this winter: Keeping active at home

Here are some top tips for getting active in the comfort of your own home this winter

Chris Davis

10 Nov 2023

Two people stretching out at home

It's winter and the weather is wet, cold and windy which makes going outside to get active unappealing, so why not get active in the comfort of your own home this winter? Here are some top tips and things to get active at home.

Try a free home workout

Getting active in the comfort of your own home is a great way to add physical activity into your daily routine. It saves time, as you don’t have to travel to a gym or a class. It’s completely free and many find it more comfortable.

Take a look at some of the free home workouts on the NHS Fitness Studio website.


Try our Fall-Proof strength and balance plan

Fall-proof can improve your strength and balance, help to maintain your independence and keep you out and about doing the everyday things you love to do. Simple exercises can be done around the home and fit around your daily routine

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Regular standing

If you find yourself sitting at home a lot, then try to get up and move regularly and if that’s not possible then even moving your arms and legs for a few moments can help.


Sit to stand

Working towards standing or rising from a chair with minimal or no support from an aid, leaning, or someone else is a great way to build strength in your leg muscles. If you’re struggling, use what support you need and try doing a few repeats before moving off to do whatever it is you were getting up to do.


Walking around the house or amenities

You’d be surprised how much activity you can generate by walking more frequently between rooms in your home or even walking a different route round your local amenities. Purposefully walking around shops, malls and even taking an extra length of a supermarket isle can add up, particularly as extra activity this time of year.


Any excuse for a cuppa

Is there someone who can meet up with and do some gentle home activity together? Some of the resources below offer some guidance on how to be active in your home, and it’s always good to catch up with friends, family and enjoy a brew in the process.


Age UK have some wonderful guidance on staying active whether you’re:

  • not active right now.
  • wanting to be active but need some advice.
  • wanting to help someone else move more


The Activity Alliance also have some fantastic and inclusive resources for being active at home 

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Chris Davis
10 Nov 2023

Physical Activity Specialist (Strategic Lead for Health & Active Ageing)