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"I have a passion for communities doing things for themselves and I love to encourage individuals to find their gifts and see where that leads them."

My name is Rae and I live and work in Gloucester. I am a Community Builder, primarily working in Barton and Tredworth. 


I believe that residents connecting with each other is valuable both to individual people and to the wider community. As part of my job I look to find the strengths that already exist within a local area;  this could be the green spaces, the community halls, or more simply, the wonderful people.


As well as this, I link neighbours together creating a better-connected community, giving residents the tools and encouragement to help create the neighbourhood they want to live in. 


I am one of a team of Community Builders working for the Gloucester Community Building Collective. We are about supporting community-driven change in Gloucester with a vision for Gloucester to be a great place to live; a place where everyone can have a good life. We believe as people take action on the things that are important to them, they connect with neighbours, become more active and make new friends. 


We are interested in all forms of community action to include physical activity - and that is why we have partnered with we can move to work in Barton and Tredworth in Gloucester as an area of focus for this work. I am proud to lead on the work in Barton and Tredworth and I am excited about the opportunities this brings. 




Find out more about the Gloucester Community Building Collective here.

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