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"It’s about enjoying what you do to keep active, whatever that might be."

Right now, we’re all having to adapt to constant uncertainty due to Covid-19. But physical activity can help to create routine and stability in our lives, while also providing huge benefits to our physical and mental health.


After becoming a single parent and experiencing poor mental health and anxiety, Amy decided to try going to the gym and found she really enjoyed the process of working out.


While not entirely happy in her job working in finance, Amy found a new love for the gym and started doing a personal training course alongside her work.  


Amy was open and honest about her fitness journey on social media and within just two weeks of completing the course, she had enough clients to allow her to quit her job to pursue being a full-time personal trainer. Three years later Amy now runs Aptitude Fitness, which has a group of members from all fitness levels and abilities.


Like many others, Amy has had to adapt her sessions due to lockdown and has been helping her members stay active by hosting virtual workouts and social events, and most recently an outdoor ‘Bootcamp’ workout – quite literally! As restrictions continue to ease, members are able to meet in small groups in an outdoor open space, helping them to stay connected and keep moving together.


Having helped over 200 women from all walks of life to kickstart their fitness journey, Amy’s proud of being able to help influence and inspire others to be active and hopes her members can relate to her own personal journey.


Many of the members had never stepped into a gym before and have loved the feeling that comes from moving more. But for Amy, these sessions are more than a place to be physically active; they offer a safe space for women to build connections and leave with a smile on their face.


"I want my sessions to be a place for women to connect and make friends. My goal is to create a wider community of supportive women".


Social media has been a great way for Amy to connect with members too. With the support of we can move, Amy has hosted live workout videos on Facebook and produced a range of online sessions which are still available to watch here. The workouts aren’t just there to help engage members, but others looking to stay active too, especially while we spend more time at home.


Amy has also started working with The Nelson Trust to host fitness sessions and aims to adapt these to suit the needs of the individuals.


Our lives are changing so rapidly due to Covid-19 and this has had a huge impact how people are able to stay active or train. Amy suggests building a positive routine to help; ‘training for your brain’ in this way can bring huge benefits to both your mental and physical health.


"Physical activity can bring a sense of routine and a safe space to go to. It’s paramount for people to have some sort of routine and stability right now".


What does Amy suggest to anyone who is unsure about how to get more physical activity in their life?


"Find something you enjoy; there are so many negative connotations around exercise, but you don’t have to punish yourself to enjoy it. There are so many things you can try and different exercises you can do. Don’t put pressure on yourself and just move in whatever way is comfortable and right for you!


Positive changes can make a huge difference to our mental and physical health, no matter how big or small."


Find out more about Aptitude Fitness or follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

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