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Getting advice and encouragement from a healthcare professional is one of the top seven ‘best buys’ for getting a population active. We see such professionals regularly. One in ten of us visit their GP every two weeks and 1.2m people visit a pharmacy for health reasons every day.


That’s why we believe that getting professionals together to explore good practice, latest advice and the practicalities of changing patients’ behaviour is vital.

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A knowledge gap

Research shows that over 70% of GPs do not speak about the benefits of physical activity to patients. Only one in five of them are familiar with physical activity guidelines. It’s largely absent from the training spectrum – from basic training to continuing professional development.

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It's up to us

We need to make talking about being physically active in healthcare settings just a normal part of any treatment or trip to the GP. So, it’s up to all of us to familiarise ourselves with the benefits, and how we can help change patients’ feelings towards it.

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