Moving your body on a regular basis is a great way to maintain general wellbeing, build confidence and stay strong and able throughout your life. The latest research shows that being active is the most important step towards taking control of your pain.
Our gentle movement-based activities and strengthening exercises will help you to:
  • stay strong and independent
  • do more of the activities you enjoy
  • move more freely
  • improve your mental wellbeing
  • build confidence in doing daily tasks
  • be in control of your problems
  • meet new people and connect


What to expect

  • Weekly online activity (up to 10 sessions) involving gentle movements and activities to help you feel fitter, stronger and more energised.
  • Support from a qualified exercise instructor.
  • The chance to meet other people with persistent pain and share experiences.


You can self-refer to join this programme by completing this referral form.


If you have any questions or would life further information, please get in touch: