Move Connect Inspire is a new approach being taken to tackle the inequalities facing disabled children and young people within Gloucestershire’s sport and physical activity sector.


It encourages groups and organisations to come together in partnership and work collectively to increase the provision of and access to inclusive physical activity and sports opportunities for disabled children and young people across the county.


At the heart of this approach, lies a desire to elevate the voices and champion the skills of disabled children and young people. We want them to feel inspired and empowered to shape and influence outcomes and play a leading role in reducing the inequalities they face.


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Enabling people to move

Together, we will use the insight we have gathered and listen to what people tell us. We will actively seek out new voices and the perspectives of those we have not heard from before.  We will increase the number of active disabled young people by supporting them to be active in new ways and helping them to find an activity they are passionate about. We will also work to facilitate inclusive practice and champion inclusion in our work.

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Connecting people to the right places

We will work together to ensure that parents, carers and other organisations who refer and signpost young people into activity have all the relevant information required to do this. We will commit to removing barriers to activity by striving to ensure that their inclusive physical activity opportunities are easy to find and accessible.

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Inspire the next generation

We will stand shoulder to shoulder with disabled young people seeking to build leadership and advocacy-based programmes into provision and enabling young people to develop their skills and leadership abilities. We will work together to help disabled young people take meaningful action to reduce physical inactivity amongst their peers.

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Rae's story

Working to bring communities together

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Flo's story

Championing movement for young people during Coronavirus.

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Phil's story

Championing Fall-proof to a happy club


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