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Safe, supportive and friendly classes to add to your Fall-proof plan.

'We can move'

29 Sep 2020

community strength and balance class

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Our Fall-proof exercises are a great way to build on your strength and balance in your own time. But you may feel that you need some more support or that you are ready to try something a little more structured or challenging.

There are a number of strength and balance classes across the county that are a really fun, social and supportive way to take your exercises to the next step.

Coronavirus has caused disruption to the strength and balance classes and the activity is re-opening with caution and extra measures in place. Please contact the class instructor before attending.


Strength and balance classes by Gloucestershire district


We are currently reviewing the way that we keep you updated about the offers in your local area. Check back soon to find out more about the instructors operating locally to you.




If you have any questions, please get in touch.




This programme was developed in partnership with the NHS Gloucestershire Clinical Commissioning Group.


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'We can move'
29 Sep 2020

The social movement to get you, me and everybody in Gloucestershire active.