The brand

How the 'we can move' brand developed and how you can use it.

'We can move'

21 Jan 2020

children walking together

We can move is a brand, created by Active Gloucestershire. It is all about bringing people together to encourage everyone in Gloucestershire to become more active.


It was developed using research into people and why they do the things they do with the goal to change the idea that ‘activity’ means sport and fitness.  


We can’t do this alone. If your activity and groups are about getting people physically active, you can use the brand to bring people together to shared idea.



The brand has two logos:


  • the brand logo which you can use on your own campaigns
  • the campaign identifier for use over images.

Tone of voice

The brand voice reflects the values of the brand. These are values we hold at the centre of the social movement. They are:


  • to feel a sense of belonging
  • to feel healthy and happy
  • to feel equal
  • to feel I am making a difference to myself, and others.


Film and photography

Our research found that people were more likely to be encouraged if they see:


  • people enjoying themselves
  • what physical activity people are doing
  • more than person in the picture
  • people looking like they have a sense of achievement.


Social media 

Show your support for the movement on social media! Try out the new we can move social media frame by clicking on the frames option on your Facebook profile picture and searching for we can move


This can get the conversation going with family and friends about we can move and how we can work together to help one another to be physically active. 


Help us build the movement

Here are the things you can do to help:


  • use the we can move logo on your campaigns
  • choose film and photography that reflects the values of the movement
  • follow us on TwitterInstagram and on Facebook
  • use the hashtag #WeCanMove when talking about physical activity
  • tell us about your own work to get people active.

Feel free to use our logos, which can be found here

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'We can move'
21 Jan 2020

'We can move' is a community of people working to get everyone in Gloucestershire active.