Celebrating Changemakers: Active Gloucestershire Launches Community Photography Project

We are excited to announce the launch of a community photography project aimed at celebrating and recognising local changemakers who are making a posi

Lizzie Homer

11 Jan 2024

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Active Gloucestershire, the local charity behind the we can move movement, is excited to announce the launch of a community photography project aimed at celebrating and recognising local changemakers who are making a positive impact in their communities, sectors, or workplaces.


We can move is more than just a movement; it's a collective effort involving thousands of people across Gloucestershire, both in professional and voluntary roles, working together to promote an active lifestyle for all residents.


The community photography project is an initiative to spotlight individuals dedicated to fostering positive change through sport, physical activity, or movement. Whether in a community group, sport or physical activity sessions, lessons or classes, in a school, medical practice, or workplace, if someone is inspiring, connecting, or enabling people in Gloucestershire to improve their lives through physical activity, Active Gloucestershire wants to hear about them.


Kirsty Dunleavy-Harris, Director of Physical Activity at Active Gloucestershire said “At Active Gloucestershire, we believe in the transformative power of movement. Together, we're not just encouraging physical activity; we're creating a community where every step, every effort, and every changemaker contributes to the vibrant health and happiness of Gloucestershire residents.

“We can move changemakers are integral to the movement and we want you to join us as we celebrate the stories of those who inspire change through the simple act of moving forward.

“We are excited to capture and share the inspiring stories of those who are actively contributing to the health and happiness of our community and this project is a testament to the power of collective action and the positive impact individuals can make in promoting a more active lifestyle for everyone.

“So if you know someone who is helping people benefit from a more active lifestyle, whether it’s through making a positive impact in their community, sector or workplace, by inspiring others to make a change or by taking action in their job or as a volunteer to help people get physically active – we would love to hear from you!”


Nominations are open from Friday, 12th January 2024 and closes on Monday, 19th February 2024.


To make a nomination, visit the we can move website and complete the short nomination form, highlighting the nominee's work, impact, and why you think they should be recognised for their contribution to promoting physical activity.


Nominations are open for individuals of all ages, professions (paid or voluntary), and backgrounds, as long as they are making a positive impact on the lives of Gloucestershire residents through physical activity.


A panel of judges will review the nominations, and the top 10 changemakers will be selected for a special photography portrait. These portraits, along with the stories of the changemakers, will be exhibited at various local exhibitions across Gloucestershire. The selected individuals will also be invited to the annual we can move event in May, held at Kingsholm Stadium, where their portraits will be unveiled.

For more information and to make a nomination, Celebrating Changemakers: Community Photography Project | We Can Move

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Lizzie Homer
11 Jan 2024

Head of Communications and Marketing