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'We can move'

12 Feb 2020

Shaping an idea

There are complicated reasons why many of us are not physically active and it is only by really looking at what prevents and motivates us to build physical activity into our daily routines that we can start to find the answers.


These answers could be found anywhere from lack of personal motivation or confidence, to challenging work patterns, from inconvenient bus timetables, to how we maintain our streets, from classroom design to the safety of our parks, or from cycle storage at work to the way medical advice is delivered. 


We are increasingly designing physical activity out of our lives which means we are now moving much much less.  So now we have to consciously design physical activity back in to our everyday lives.

Are you looking to start a group; getting people together to do an activity? Read our article on starting something.


Identifying the barriers to changing behaviour is just the start. We must also look at the system that surrounds us because if that system does not support us to move more then our ideas and solutions, with all the best intentions, will only ever be short-term.


We need to become a county where it is normal and easy to be physically active every day – the rule rather than the exception!


And finally, in order to make this big cultural shift, we need to get lots of people spreading the message and helping others to move more. When people see their friends, family, colleagues, employers, teachers and neighbours being active it will make them more likely to join in.


The we can move model combines these three key areas:

  • behaviour change
  • thinking about the “system” we live and work in
  • movement building
The 'we can move' model


This model may look a bit complicated at first glance, but that’s because changing behaviour and the environment in which we live in is not a simple quick fix.  


Start somewhere on the we can move model to help shape your thinking. You’re not alone – there are change makers using this approach now, and there is a team of experts at Active Gloucestershire who can help you. Get in touch for more information or to attend ‘shaping your idea workshops.’


Download the 'we can move' model here and get in touch for support on using the model to shape your idea.


Take a look at how Gloucester Rugby are developing their fantastic community programme using the we can move model.

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'We can move'
12 Feb 2020

The social movement to get you, me and everybody in Gloucestershire active.