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'We can move'

22 Sep 2020

Children in a school play space

We are proud to work in partnership with a range of outstanding local school and health and wellbeing networks who can provide you with support.


Gloucestershire Healthy Living and Learning (GHLL) helps children and young people achieve their full potential and lead long, healthy, happy lives. Working with GHLL will enable schools and colleges to support children and young people to make positive choices to improve their physical, emotional and mental wellbeing.


You can also contact your school games organiser and the school support network for your local area:


Cheltenham and North Tewkesbury
Contact Move More , SGO Josh Hanley


The Cotswold School Sport Network
Contact SGO Helen Pauling


Forest of Dean
Contact SGO Alan Beard


Gloucester and South Tewkesbury
Contact Gloucester School Sports Network, SGO Cheryl Stennett


Active Schools Network Stroud, SGO James Jefferey

Not sure where to look? Get in touch and we will be happy to help.


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'We can move'
22 Sep 2020

The social movement to get you, me and everybody in Gloucestershire active.