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Helping to get your school back on the move

'We can move'

30 Jun 2020

School children running.

Almost half of all children and young people in Gloucestershire are not active enough. For children and young people, being active means an average of 60 minutes a day of physical activity across the week.


With physical activity at the heart of the school day, we know young people are happier, achieve more and develop healthy habits for life.


Coronavirus has had an impact on how schools have been able to spend the PE, sport and physical activity premium. 37% of children are now less active than they were before lockdown. With millions of pounds being allocated to physical activity in primary schools in the county each year, this is the chance of a lifetime to improve the lives of young people.

What impact does the PE, sport and physical activity premium funding have in your school?


Does it…

  • support your whole school improvement plan | top up your PE provision?
  • improve the mental wellbeing of all pupils | mostly support those already active?
  • increase staff competence and help create sustainable growth for current and future pupils | provide work for external coaching providers?
  • increase the physical activity levels for all pupils across the school day and throughout the school curriculum | get those already active more active, mostly through PE?

Easy ways to use your funding to improve health and wellbeing across your school

It’s not just physical 

  • Think of it as the health and wellbeing premium – the PE, sport and physical activity premium can support all of the five ways to wellbeing; for example, your school could design a wellbeing garden.
  • Work with your Gloucestershire Healthy Living and Learning (GHLL) lead teacher to use the funding to support your GHLL intervention.

Move it outdoors

  • Upskilling your staff to lead high-quality, outdoor activity, which will involve more of the children in physical activity.


  • Make lunchtime a playful experience, not just football or trim trails.
  • Challenge the midday norm – introduce equipment that can boost creativity: dressing up, wigs, old keyboards, remote controls. 
  • Create a play team in school – lunchtime/break is a golden opportunity for creative play or fun activity for all pupils.

Get creative

  • Support those who need it most – ask your least active pupils what they would like to do.
  • Encourage a variety of activity to support the needs of all children, not just the most active – yoga, gymnastics, dance, balanceabilty, kite flying, archery – the list is endless!

Actively learning

  • Active maths and english lessons have been a huge success – active learning is now the norm and pupils love it!
  • Get training for your staff team on how to support all children to be active; this way, physical activity can be applied more widely across the curriculum.


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'We can move'
30 Jun 2020

The social movement to get everybody in Gloucestershire active.