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'We can move'

12 Dec 2019

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Moving Medicine has been developed with experts, professional bodies and charities who represent each disease area. New resources are coming soon, including those for children, pregnant women and hospital patients.

People listen to the advice of trusted healthcare professionals. They have unique access to some of the least active people. This means they can play a vital role in helping people to lead more active, healthier and happier lives.



Encouraging behaviour change is seldom easy or quick. Moving Medicine has created three consultation frameworks that guide you through effective conversations with patients about physical activity, no matter how much (or little) time you have with them. It offers tips for how to explore the subject, the hard evidence behind it, guidance for specific conditions, and useful information leaflets, tools and resources.


Support staff

Healthcare professionals can talk to patients in a way that no-one else can –  whether that's having a chat as they book an appointment, a heart- to-heart over lunch, or sharing their worries while bringing patients their medication. These may seem like small things, but they make a big impact on how patients think and feel about their healthcare.


Support staff can let people know that physical activity is an essential part of their medical care, and assure them that it’s perfectly safe. This can make a big difference to both their current symptoms and their future outcomes. Something as simple as 'I heard that moving a bit really helps with your illness – maybe it's worth asking the doctor about it?' could transform so many people's lives.



Moving Medicine is working with selected hospitals to create a new breed of Active Hospital, where clinicians and support staff are given tools and resources to work directly with patients, including training, support, promotional materials and an app.


To find out more about Moving Medicine, check out their website

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'We can move'
12 Dec 2019

'We can move' is a community of people working to get everyone in Gloucestershire active.