Staying active and keeping to Covid-19 guidelines (July 19th update)

Up to date information to help you help others to stay active and safe.

'We can move'

06 Jan 2021

Man running outdoors while wearing a mask.

This article gathers all the latest guidance, information and resources to support you and your physical activity. 


As of Monday, July 19th 2021, there are significant changes being made to COVID-19 restrictions and recommendations as a result of England moving to Step 4. 


You can find out more about the latest restrictions on the government website


Summary of the key changes as of July 19th 2021: 


  • There are no set restrictions on how many people can take part in sport and physical activity, indoors and outdoors.


  • All forms of activities can take place without set restrictions. We advise you to refer to your national governing body’s (NGB’s) guidance where relevant. 


  • All sports facilities can open, including ancillary facilities. There are no indoor capacity limits, however, venues may put in place some restrictions and guidance for enclosed areas.


  • Organised sport participation events such as (but not limited to) races, rides and organised walks can take place outdoors with no capacity caps for participants or spectators. 


  • Government guidance for sport and physical activity provides advice on how to reduce transmission when you're exercising.


It is important to note that providers and facilities may have their own preferences in place. 


Latest guidance

New National Restrictions from 19th July
The latest guidance from the government on what we can and can’t do as lockdown eases


National restrictions: our support during this period
Sport England’s response to the national lockdown.


Support during lockdown

Supporting your club or community during Coronavirus
A resource to help you support your club or community group.


Funding alert

Please sign up to receive our funding alert where we publish the latest on funding available for the physical activity sector.

Get in touch
We may be able to support you with specialist advice on how to support your activity during the lockdown.

Online training
We offer online training on courses such as first aid, safeguarding and more. Lockdown may be a good period to meet your groups' requirements on this.


Post-lockdown recovery

Getting back to business
Support is available for those working in the sport and physical activity sector.

Returning to safe play guide
Practical guidance to help you create a safe playing environment.

Helping to get your school back on the move
Practical and easy to use advice, guidance and tips on physical activity.

Covid-19 and school funding
Six tips for spending the Primary PE and Sport Premium


Get active and stay active

Get active
Resources to help you get more movement in your life, at home or outdoors.

Make homeworking work for you
Figuring out how to maintain a level of normality in our day.


For more information and support, get in touch.

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'We can move'
06 Jan 2021

The social movement to get you, me and everybody in Gloucestershire active.