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Without funding, even great ideas may struggle to have the impact they deserve.

'We can move'

13 Feb 2020

Two people at work.

From cake sales to company donations, crowdfunding to capital campaigns, there are many ways to raise funds and generate income for your project.

'We can move' funding

We can move has a small pot of funding to support your ideas and activities. Join us for one of our advice clinics or get in contact with us. Just let us know who you are, a bit about your organisations/club/grup and what you need funding for. One of our team will get back to you to let you know what funding opportunities are available to you.


Fundraising tips and guidance

Through events and training as part of the change maker programme, you can get practical support in writing applications and advise on meeting funders. Visit our events and training page to find out when the next funding surgery takes place.


Funding alerts

Gloucestershire has a number of local trusts and foundations and there are small pots of funding available from your local council to help get your idea off the ground. There are also many national bodies that may be able to help you fund your idea.


You can find a range of local and national funding opportunities here

Sign up to our funding alert to get timely information on what funding is available. 


Sourcing funding

The experienced team at Active Gloucestershire can help you source funding for your project. Whether it’s fundraising support, project management or business planning, Active Gloucestershire can help. Get in touch.


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'We can move'
13 Feb 2020

We can move is a movement to get you, me and everyone in Gloucestershire active.