Five ways to avoid becoming an office zombie!

Top tips to inject some more life into your desk job.

'We can move'

27 Oct 2020

Illustration of zombie, desk and chair

If you find yourself in an office, it may resemble a scene from a movie with eerie silence as your colleagues take turns in shifts to use the space.


Or if your office is busy – you may find yourself stuck to one place; finding you have barely moved for almost the whole work day as you maintain a social distance.


The way our working days, cultures and office layouts are designed make it all too easy to sit down at the start of the day and barely move until it is time to go home.


Stuck at your home office? Make home working work for you!


Here are five top tips to inject some more life into your desk job.


1. Change your journey

img?id=lfqd6iA7cGa4Dmgr6-faO0Think about your commute. Whether you use public transport or drive, you can still increase your activity levels.


It's a great way to start the day. Get off a bus stop early. Try to park further away from your office and walk the rest of the way.


You're aiming to include at least one 10-minute brisk, uninterrupted walk, so if you already walk change your route so you can fit one in.


2. Pretend you work in a busy news room (unless of course you do!)

img?id=Uj9iRrE1fQe0fNQEg_t2Q0You probably spend a big chunk of your day talking to colleagues. Take your meeting outdoors if you can.


A short conversation about project ideas can be done on a stroll around the office. Try to do more 'walking and talking'.


If you can, stand up while talking on the telephone.


3.  Going up in the world


For many, the lifts are not an option as covid-19 transmission is minimised. Look at this as an opportunity – get those steps in.


Taking two stairs at a time burns 10% more energy, and the bottom of a stairwell can be a great place for a brief step workout!


4. Ditch the 'al desko' lunch

img?id=Wp3hnzj2dGSeGOn-x2K-vgLunchtime is a great opportunity to get out and about. Go for a walk and catch up on some great podcasts, or invite colleagues to join you.


Persuade your employer to start a workplace activity scheme. Even short bursts of physical activity can boost brain function and immune system, reduce the risk of chronic health conditions (such as cancer, hypertension and diabetes), improve your mood and energise you.


Bite-sized yoga classes or local history walks can easily fit into a lunch break.


5. Make sitting at your desk more active


Even if you can't persuade your employer to buy you a sit to stand desk, there are ways you can keep moving at a standard desk. You can easily incorporate exercises into your routine.


There are even free desk fitness that will prompt and guide you through workouts. Search for desk fitness wherever you get your apps from. It won't beat standing and moving, but it's a start.


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'We can move'
27 Oct 2020

The social movement to get you, me and everybody in Gloucestershire active.