Fall-proof Move to Improve cards

Print it, fold it and keep it! Use them around your space.

'We can move'

23 Sep 2020

Fall-proof Move to Improve cards

The Fall-Proof strength and balance plan is an easy-to-follow guide and comes with Move to Improve cards. 


img?id=x3sD7Mt7dIu0Tfxj3qoal0You can place these around your home to remind you do the exercises.


Simply, print it, fold it, keep it!







Download the Move to Improve cards here >



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Fall-proof bookletThe Fall-proof booklet which includes:

  •  ‘How are you doing now?’ self-check
  •  six simple exercises you can do alongside other activity, to keep you feeling younger and stronger
  •  and a progress chart to fill in, that you might want to share with friends and boast about, as you progress!

Fall-proof exercise videos

Fall-proof strength and balance classes

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If you have any questions, please get in touch.


If at any time while doing the Fall-proof exercises you feel unwell, please stop and seek medical advice.



This programme was developed in partnership with NHS Gloucestershire.



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'We can move'
23 Sep 2020

A social movement to get you, me and everybody in Gloucestershire active.