The Daily Mile™ Destinations

The Daily Mile has launched a brilliant new resource to help support schools to get active.

Lisi Cottam

18 Sep 2020

Three school children running outside.

The Daily Mile Destinations aims to inspire children, support teachers and promote school-based physical activity while improving children’s health and wellbeing.


Developed in collaboration with teachers, the fun and engaging resource links into the school curriculum and is an easy fit into all classrooms.




So, what is The Daily Mile Destinations?


Classes are encouraged to aim to achieve 100 days of The Daily Mile by completing their Daily Mile 3-5 days a week, to move towards achieving a new Daily Mile destination sticker.


Each time your class does their Daily Mile, move the marker to the next pink circle. Once the class reaches one of the 15 destinations around the world, add the country’s sticker to your class passport, and away you go, off to the next destination on the map.


Classes are free to start anywhere on the map; the choice is yours!


Watch the full video here.


How can my school join in?


To take part in The Daily Mile Destinations and receive your free resources, sign up here.


Once you sign up we'll arrange for your resources to be sent straight to you. Your school will receive:

  • a laminated Daily Mile Destinations map for your whole school to use
  • moving markers to track each of your classes movements
  • class passports with destination stickers
  • a cross-curricular fact sheet to aid your children's learning
  • a ‘How to’ guide and assembly video
  • The Daily Mile Destinations certificates
  • fun facts about each destination 


The Daily Mile encourages children and teachers to get outside and run or jog for 15 minutes every day. Read more about The Daily Mile or if you need any additional help or support, please get in touch.


For guidance on social distancing and The Daily Mile, please visit The Daily Mile Foundation website

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Lisi Cottam
18 Sep 2020

Lisi Cottam is The Daily Mile Coordinator for Gloucestershire schools.