Free range children: The importance of play

We spoke to Ben at Play Gloucestershire about the importance of play and how it helps children learn and grow. Listen to the podcast here.

Tom Hall

28 Apr 2022

Child blowing bubbles

We’ve been working with Play Gloucestershire to explore how play can improve the health of the young people across Gloucestershire. To explain more about what play nurture is, how it can benefit everyone, and to understand how we can all play more, we talked to Ben Morris, Director of Play at Play Gloucestershire.


You can listen to the podcast here


Would you like to create and develop your own Play Nurture Programme at your school or organisation? If so, take a look at the Play Nurture handbook


If you’d like more information about play nurture and how it might be able to help your organisation, please contact Ben at -


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Tom Hall
28 Apr 2022

Physical Activity Specialist for Children and Young People