Making physical activity accessible for all

Everyone should have the opportunity to get physically active, no matter their age or ability.

Lizzie Homer

28 Jul 2022

Person playing wheelchair football

Everyone should have the opportunity to get physically active, no matter their age or ability. We can move are working together to ensure everyone can get active in a way that is right for them.


In Gloucestershire, one in five of us have a disability or long term health condition. However, people with a disability or health condition are much more likely to have barriers to getting active.


The pandemic affected everyone’s activity levels but people with a disability or long term health conditions were even more affected by Covid-19 and were significantly less active than non-disabled people during lockdown.


Now we are recovering from the pandemic, we want to encourage people with disabilities and long term health conditions to get active in a way that works for them by highlighting some of the fantastic inclusive and accessible activities available in Gloucestershire. These include:


Beam gymnastics is an activity provider in Cirencester that supports children with additional emotional, physical, behavioural and sensory challenges to take part in gymnastics. Inclusion is at the heart of everything BEAM! does. Supporting the children to reach their ‘I can’ statements, BEAM! focuses on celebrating individual success through movement.


Longlevens mixed ability rugby is a sports club in Gloucester which supports people of all abilities to learn and play rugby. Longlevens MAR is for people aged 17 and over and provides an opportunity to be competitive, or simply participate as a recreational player. To play contact, or take a step back from the physical impact. Longlevens MAR has a place on pitch for everyone. It is an opportunity to play rugby in a way that works for you.


DLK Inclusion Sports is an activity provider that supports people of all ages and abilities to take part in multiple sports including walking rugby. Set up during the pandemic, DLK Inclusion Sports aspires to provide schools and communities activity session that are suitable for all. With some of their community walking rugby sessions at one of Gloucestershire’s most iconic locations – Gloucester Cathedral!


Aspire Trust is an activity provider who also run leisure facilities in Gloucester such as GL1 leisure centre and the Oxtalls Sports Park. Aspire Trust provides facilities and activities to suit everyone, and has lots of inclusive activity sessions.


For a full list, go to Blog | We Can Move


There are also lots of ways to get active at home and in your local area. If you are living with a disability or long term health condition, check out the Activity Alliance Being Active Guide or We are undefeatable for inspiration. More support and guidance is available at


We can move also want to encourage more activity providers, clubs and groups to make their activities more inclusive so everyone can join in. Advice and guidance on how to make your activity accessible to everyone, can be found on the we can move website at Blog | We Can Move.


Sarah Haden-Godwin, Physical Activity Specialist for Health, Active Ageing and Disability at Active Gloucestershire said: “People with disabilities and long term health conditions are half as likely to be physically active due to the number of barriers they face when it comes to getting active. Yet, 4 out of 5 would like to do more physical activity.


“There are many groups and organsiations across Gloucestershire who are offering some great inclusive and accessible activities but we can all play a part in making being active normal and easy for everyone.


“Active Gloucestershire is passionate and committed to Gloucestershire being an inclusive, accessible and physically active county to live and work in and are working with we can move to make this vision a reality.”


For more information on we can move and how you can get support to make the activities you provide accessible to everyone, go to

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Lizzie Homer
28 Jul 2022

Communications Manager