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We can move launch campaign to encourage people to move more

Lizzie Homer

04 Jul 2022

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We can move, a social movement that supports people to get active, no matter their age or ability, is launching a campaign to encourage people in Gloucestershire to get moving.


We can move brings together organisations, communities, sports and activity providers and individuals in a bid to reduce inequalities and encourage people to get active.


Results from a recent survey carried out by Sport England, show that almost a quarter of people in Gloucestershire are inactive, with 13% of people only fairly active. There are also stark inequalities with some people and places disproportionally impacted such as people living with a disability.


We can move originally launched in 2018, but Covid-19 has dramatically affected activity rates which means the need for we can move is even more important. Although people are getting more active since the pandemic, 23% still remain inactive.


The campaign which kicks off today (Monday 4 July) aims to encourage people to get physically active so they can feel the benefits not only to their physical health but mental health too. The campaign aims to inspire people to get moving, connect with organisations, community groups and activity providers and enable people to get the support they need to get active themselves or to help others around them.


Over the coming weeks, we can move will be sharing advice and top tips on how people can add physical activity to their daily routine and will highlight the ways in which physical activity can make a positive impact on a person’s health and wellbeing.


In addition to this, we can move will be encouraging more organisations, groups and individuals to join the movement so they can work together to make being physically active in Gloucestershire normal and easy.


Tom Beasley, CEO at Active Gloucestershire, supporter of we can move said “our vision for we can move is to work as a collective to make Gloucestershire a place where being active is normal and easy for everyone.

We know that getting active can be difficult for people, especially for people with a disability or long-term health condition which is why we want more organisations to join the movement and help us make our vision a reality.

Through this campaign, we want to encourage people who are inactive, to get moving in any way, shape or form that’s right for them. We also want to break down the barriers that stop people from getting active. To do that, we must work with organisations, community groups, activity providers and key individuals so we can ensure everyone has the opportunity to be active.”


Cllr Carole Allaway-Martin, Chair of Gloucestershire’s Health and Wellbeing Board said “Getting active has so many health and mental wellbeing benefits, and it can help us to meet new people. Building up to 30 minutes of regular activity every day can make a huge difference to your health longer term. I’m thrilled to support we can move, and I encourage everyone to think about how they can move more during their day.”


For more information on we can move or to sign up for tips on getting active, go to


If you are an organisation, community group, sports club, activity provider or fitness professional and would like to join the movement to help others get active, go to Join The Movement | Increase Physical Activity Opportunities | We Can Move or get in touch at


If you would like to support the campign, download our support pack

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Lizzie Homer
04 Jul 2022

Communications Manager