Become Fall-Proof with the Fall-Proof Strength and Balance Plan

Active Gloucestershire are encouraging people at risk of falls, to take a step towards a stronger, more independent future with the Fall-Proof plan.

Lizzie Homer

18 Sep 2023

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To mark Falls Awareness Week, Active Gloucestershire are encouraging people at risk of falls, to take a step towards a stronger, more independent future with the Fall-Proof plan.


Active Gloucestershire’s Fall-Proof Strength and Balance Plan, is a user-friendly guide designed to empower individuals of all ages to maintain their strength and stability, ensuring a life full of vigor and independence. Acknowledging the concerns of those who have experienced falls and their impact on daily life, this plan provides a practical solution to foster confidence, reduce the risk of future falls, and enhance overall well-being.


As our bodies naturally evolve with age, it becomes imperative to adapt our approach to self-care. Fall-Proof recognizes this need and offers a straightforward yet effective way to stay strong and steady.


In 2022 almost 2000 people aged 65 and over in Gloucestershire, were admitted to hospital after having a fall and a quarter of those who had falls, resulted in injury such as a fractured neck or femur. The average hospital stay after this type of injury is 18 days. These figures can be reduced if people at risk of falls improved their strength and balance through a programme such as Fall-Proof.


The Strength and Balance Plan includes:

  • A Self-Check: Begin your journey by assessing your current physical condition. This self-check helps you identify areas of concern that may require attention.
  • Six Simple Exercises: The plan introduces six easy-to-follow exercises that can be seamlessly integrated into your daily routine. These exercises are designed to improve strength and stability, making everyday tasks easier and ensuring you feel youthful and robust.
  • Progress Chart: To keep track of your achievements, we provide a progress chart. Share your success with friends and family as you make progress toward a healthier, more confident you.


Chris Davis, Physical Activity Specialist for Active Ageing at Active Gloucestershire said: “Our mission with Fall-Proof is to redefine aging by focusing on strength, balance, and confidence. These exercises and resources are not just about preventing falls; they are about enhancing the quality of life for every individual, enabling them to embrace a future full of active, joyful moments.”


Strength and balance classes have already had a positive effect on Gloucestershire residents.  Since thousands of exercise classes were laid on for the over 65s in Tewkesbury, demand for GP appointments from class participant has fallen by 14%.


Visit to access the Strength and Balance Plan and start your journey toward a more vibrant life.


Regardless of your age, incorporating these straightforward exercises into your daily regimen can significantly improve your ability to handle everyday activities with ease. You'll not only feel more stable and strong but also regain the freedom to explore and enjoy life to the fullest.


Prefer a Group Setting?

If you feel confident after taking the self-check, consider joining one of our classes. Connect with like-minded individuals in a friendly, safe, and socially engaging environment. Find local classes on our website or ask the person who provided you with this booklet.


Safety First

Your well-being is paramount. If you experience dizziness, faintness, have not had your medication reviewed in the past 12 months, or have had two or more falls in the last year, please consult your GP or pharmacist. If you ever feel unwell while performing any exercises in this guide, stop immediately.

For more information and to begin your journey towards a more active and confident life, visit


Your Self-Check

As we age, some daily activities may become more challenging. Use the self-check provided in the booklet to assess your current situation and identify areas for improvement. Completing these exercises can make a significant difference in your life.


If you've noticed any of these changes, the exercises in this booklet can be highly beneficial. Additionally, local community classes can offer support and guidance. Explore these resources on our website:


Join us on the path to a more confident, stable, and active future. Fall-Proof is here to guide you every step of the way.

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Lizzie Homer
18 Sep 2023

Head of Communications and Marketing