Activity on Referral: A Program that supports Children’s and Young People’s Mental Health and Wellbeing

Active Gloucestershire has been working across the county to support children and young people’s wellbeing.

Lizzie Homer

31 Jul 2023

Boy lifting barbell on shoulders

The "Activity on Referral" is now running in its 3rd year with the aim to support the mental health of young people through community-based activities. The program provides young people with access to a diverse range of activities that foster social connection, fun and many opportunities to develop resilience.


"Activity on Referral" recognises the significance of physical activity as one of the five pillars of wellbeing. Young people are at the heart of what we do and what matters to them shapes the activity they get to try out.


Referrals come from many different professionals working with children and young people; schools, Young Minds Matter, social prescribing link workers and other voluntary community sector organisations.


So far 320 children and young people have been referred into the program and 74% have completed their referral.


Lisa Kankowski, Children’s and Young People’s Mental Health Lead “Supporting young people who are struggling with their mental health to access these opportunities and feel the benefits of physical activity on their health and wellbeing is very meaningful work.’’


Amin from Truth Boxing said: “You see the young people change over time. You see their confidence improve, their body language changes, they change as people. It’s just really rewarding to see the changes in them.”


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Participation in "Activity on Referral" is entirely voluntary and the program funds the first 12 weeks of activity with thanks to Gloucestershire’s Integrated Care  Board. After this period, participants may choose to continue with the activity provider and become a paying member.


For more information about "Activity on Referral," go to


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Lizzie Homer
31 Jul 2023

Communications Manager